College Softball 2016

College Softball 2016

Sabrina Doucette
  San Jose, CA


My name is Sabrina Doucette. I am a junior (2015) attending Perry High School out of Perry, Ga. I have played as a starter 3 years on our Varsity softball team at my high school and have been in the game since I was 9 years old. My dream is to earn a College sports scholarship and pursue medical school.

MY STORY – Adversity and SUCCESS

I started travel ball when I was 10 and I knew it was true love and have played on many different travel teams throughout the years which has opened me up to all sorts of competition and opportunities. I couldn’t and don’t ever want to imagine my life without softball. Throughout high school ball I have made 1st Team All-Region 3 times, 2nd Team All State, 1st Team All-Middle Georgia and 2013 All-Region Player of the Year. I stay very busy working to keep my GPA at a 3.82, staying in shape for softball, maintaining a social life going to church and spending time with my family. I am team captain for my travel team USSSA Georgia Pride 18U which has given me the opportunity to be a leader not only on the field but off as well.

MY 2014 GOAL

My goal is to find a college or university that will meet my academic as well as athletic requirements, and a school that will offer me a scholarship to play softball.  Following college I would like to earn my Master Degree and become a Physician’s Assistant.  I am very determined to achieve and once I have a goal I will do anything to achieve it and I will not back down for anyone or anything. I can’t wait to further my softball career.


The cost for travel, hotel, food, and equipment are simply too much for my family to afford. Unfortunately, the college recruiting process and access to scouts requires that we travel to events where I can get the exposure.  Travel to Atlanta from my small town is necessary because recruiters want to see players in very competitive situations that test their skills. Every tournament has an entry fee, and at times I need replacement equipment. The stress of the travel and the cost to help me achieve my dreams is very hard on my family.  To help support the cost I work a part time job while doing my best to keep my grade point average at a high level.  I can feel the opportunity to achieve my dreams right in front of me. Every week I get letters from coaches telling me they are coming out to see me. All I need to be able to do is get there.  Thank you Protex Sports Foundation for helping me to get one step closer to my dream. Without your help I would not get the chance to be seen by that one special college coach that just might have the scholarship offer for me. I am very grateful! Thank you!