College Football 2014

College Football 2014

Cash Ward
  San Jose, CA


My name is Cash Ward and I am 20 years old. My dream all my life since I started playing PAL and Pop Warner football at the age of 11 was to play football in college and the NFL. I graduated from Leigh High School in 2013 where I played Jr. Varsity and Varsity football as a Linebacker and where I earned 2 block letters freshman an senior year for being MVP. I am currently attending San Jose City College and working on achieving my AA degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. My hope it to transfer to a D-1 or D-2 college or university to complete my education and play football.

MY STORY – Adversity and SUCCESS

I started playing football for the police athletic league (PAL) when I was 11 years old. Playing football is one of the things that makes me the happiest in life. This is why I knew I needed to pursue football as my career. I have always been dedicated to putting forth my best on the field and in the classroom. I struggled for a few years with a learning disability, but I kept pushing through and never gave up. At this moment in time I’m doing very well now and I am confident that I have what it takes to succeed.

Every ounce of my energy has been put toward working hard at San Jose City College to make sure I have good grades along with making sure I am in good shape for football. I am committed to do whatever it takes to make my life successful by having a good education and playing football. Coming from a single parent family has been a struggle at times, but my mom has been there for me during hard times and she has always supported my dreams. I want to make her proud by getting my college degree and making my life successful.

With my father not ever being in my life, football has helped shape me to be a dedicated, committed and successful person. All of the football coaches, teachers and mentors that have guided me in my life I am eternally grateful. I aspire to continue to grow academically and make my dreams of playing in college and the NFL a reality.

MY 2014 GOAL

My goal is to find a college or university that will meet my academic as well as my athletic requirements and to earn an academic or athletic scholarship in support of my dream goal to play in the NFL. While I am attending San Jose City College I want to make sure I achieve the best grades possible and receive my AA degree which is in Social and Behavioral Sciences. My AA degree includes my Administrative of Justice courses, which is good for me because being in Law Enforcement has also been a passion of mine. During my junior year of high school, I committed to a year- long off-site Law Enforcement Program that was offered by my school and I graduated #1 in the class with honors. Serving the community through Law Enforcement has also been a passion of mine that I also want to pursue in the future.


The timeline and rules and regulations for playing college football, earning a scholarship, and making it to the NFL are all part of a very tedious and time consuming process that requires much dedication and commitment. There is also a large financial aspect to the process. Because of limited funds I have not yet been able to travel to any colleges to speak to recruiters and coaches or take college tours because my mom and I cannot afford the cost of travel, hotels, and food for the trip. Obtaining the equipment I need on the field such as cleats and pads has been challenging. At times it’s my responsibility to pay for food when traveling to away games.

My support system is my mom and we have no extended family to speak of. It is just me and my mom. My mom works two jobs and with the cost of living in the Bay Area being so high, it is still not enough and she is barely making ends meet. I have worked at times when I can, but it always seems to interfere with my sports and academics.

After football season is over, I am going to compete on track and field team to help me improve my speed for football which is a requirement to be seen and recruited by colleges and universities. To keep my physical abilities in tact year-round is very expensive so working a full-time or even part-time job makes it hard to stay on track with my academics and sports training. Private Coaches and personal trainers are a luxury right now because of financial challenges, but could really help to make a difference in my athletic skills. I have never been able to attend any football camps either due to lack of funds. Coaches are always asking me if I have ever attended the camps or have had any special training which they feel is important. I have a vision and can see myself achieving my dreams right in front of me. Every week I hear from my coaches that scouts are coming out to my games to see me. To get there I could benefit from some financial assistance.

I am so grateful that there is hope through Protex Sports Foundation that can help me in achieving my dreams so that one day I will be able to help others as well and pay it forward.