College Baseball Dreams 2014

College Baseball Dreams 2014

Tomas Pankovcin
  Mississauga, Ontario


Hello- My name is Tomas Pankovcin. I currently live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and I am an Outfielder/Pitcher for Team New Era Canada/Bulletproof Elite baseball team.

I am 16 years old and have been dedicated to the game of baseball and reaching my dream since the age of 3. My vision has always been to further my education with an NCAA Division 1 college team and ultimately play at the professional level. Realizing that within every goal there are many difficult barriers that lay in between, I have dedicated my life to be the best student athlete possible with the determination to make my dreams come true.

Ranked number one hundred-thirty fourth in Canada, and top ten in the State helps me focus more and more to become among the best in the world someday. Along this journey I have encountered a tremendous amount of training and support to get me where I am today. Here is a list of my support team members: John Ellsworth helping me with mental strength, former San Diego Padre Dave Hilton my team head coach, former Chicago Cubs outfielder Scott Bullet, and my father Michael Pankovcin who once played for the Boston Red Sox.

As a highly competitive sixteen year old I also work two jobs to help with the financial obligations for training that comes with wanting to achieve my dreams. My most important priorities are school, homework, baseball, and family. I believe in myself and doing whatever it takes to put forth whatever it takes to achieve my dreams.

My 2013 Goal

With the baseball season around the corner I am constantly preparing myself for “being an outstanding young man” as my dad always tells me. My #1 goal is to achieve a University Scholarship with my #2 goal to play professional baseball. I have recently received letters from the following schools; Alabama State, University of West Virginia, and Brown University. I strive to be the best person I can be first and the best baseball player in the country second.

What I need along the way

While I am extremely focused I continue to need outside encouragement and financial support in order to make my dreams a reality. The Protex Sports Foundation has graciously given me a level of financial support which has given me the opportunity to be exposed to best colleges in the country. For this I am very grateful, but continue to need your support.

Thank you for reading about me, my dream, and giving consideration to offering your support.


Tomas Pankovcin

“Don’t Let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game” –Babe Ruth