Every year there are deserving athletes who are unable to achieve their goals due to limited financial and coaching resources.  At Protex Sports Foundation we help these highly motivated athletes by providing them with the support they need to make dreams a reality.

Join us in our mission to provide deserving athletes with the opportunities needed to live their dreams!


The Protex Sports Foundation is focused on giving young athletes from financially challenged or disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to experience and learn valuable life lessons, develop leadership qualities, and improve their physical and mental health through participation in organized and individual sports activities.

The Foundation also supports local community leadership initiatives to help train promising young athletes who have the talent and skills but may otherwise go unnoticed as a result of their economic or environmental hardship. Hardship may be a result of an attempt to recover from accidents, illness, injuries, or financial hardship that may have prevented them from the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest and achieve their dreams.

Many children from low income families in the Bay Area do not have the financial means to provide then with the opportunity to participate in organized sports. Only one in four school aged children receives the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Research shows that youth who participate in organized sports programs benefit from better health and well being, confidence, academic achievement, peer relationships, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

On another level, the average national and world class athlete who is striving to prepare for the highest level of sports achievement (Olympic or World Championship events) has expenses of more than $30,000 a year for coaching, equipment, travel, and living expenses. This figure doesn’t include the hidden costs of a deferred career which happens with many talented high school or college athletes who wish to train for the games in Sochi (2014) and or Rio (2016). The cost to train at this level is dauntingly expensive.

The Protex Sports Foundation believes that one of the best ways to enhance the development of youth is to increase the availability for Bay Area youth to participate in organized team or individual sporting activities.

Individual Giving Options

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